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How to Write PlaysHow to Write and Sell Your Plays

“This book is a must for both beginning and advanced playwrights … it includes samples of plays, play ideas, tips on every stage of writing and marketing a play, and it’s full of tips, examples and plot layouts. After the writing process, this book will, as it promises, help you sell your plays as well”. Lucy Myers

Cenarth Fox has 50 years of playwriting experience, and his plays have been staged in 50 countries. His 44K word book is packed with ideas, tips, and practical advice on getting started, choosing a genre, creating great plots and characters, writing dialogue which propels your play, understanding clangers and how to avoid them, being good at re-writing and editing, formatting your script, and importantly, how to get it performed.

“I’ve already started on my copy of Cenarth Fox’s How to Write and Sell Your Plays. I’ve even started doing the exercises Cenarth recommends! After completing the book I expect to have written not just another school play, but a fantastic school play.” Bill Frederick

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How to Stage Successful Shows

Stage Successful Shows“I have been directing musicals for eighteen years. I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about the job but recently had a look at your book How to Stage Successful Shows and found there were some pretty damn good ideas there – things that I had never really thought of. Thanks for that.” Ian Fraser Nanago SHS

Are you involved with staging concerts, plays and/or musicals? Well this book is for you. 49K words with ideas, tips, templates and timetables to help make your job easier and more successful. For the beginner, there are tips on getting started and practical activities to build your confidence. There’s even a free mini-musical and a free mini-play.   There are chapters on selecting a show, choosing/recruiting helpers, administrative bloopers [and how to avoid them], a rehearsal schedule, running rehearsals, rehearsal camps, safety, warming up, auditions, understudies, technical stuff [lighting, special effects, scenery, make-up], the duties of the director, musical director and choreographer, advertising, ticket and programme design, promotion, front-of-house and more.Chapter 14 is entitled “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” and contains almost 100 tips, ideas and solutions for the theatre director and concert impresario. How to Stage Successful Shows is full of practical, sensible, helpful advice. It’s the book you’ll refer to over and over. There’s even a showbiz dictionary to help you learn a bit of theatrical jargon. Available as a printed book and eBook from Fox Plays. Available as an eBook from Amazon and

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Play It Again, Ham

Play it again, HamNow in its 2nd edition, this 13K word book is crammed with dozens of music games. Most games have an extension or second game so there’s nearly 100 activities for you to explore. The games are divided into three sections – Easy, Not-So-Easy and Difficult. The Easy games can be played by anyone but the Difficult games will really test your skills and knowledge. You need very little equipment. A player with some brief musical selections although

You need very little equipment. A player with some brief musical selections although live music is obviously ideal. Some flash cards and blindfolds will come in handy. And that’s just about it. Add enthusiasm and you’re away. The games are fun, great for school camps and the games allow you to introduce all sorts of musical skills and concepts. You can use the games in your classroom at any time. Great for rehearsals as a warm-up for your latest musical. Goes really well with Drama Skits ‘n Tips.

Available as a printed book and as an eBook from Fox Plays. Available as an eBook from Amazon.



Drama Skits ‘n Tips

Drama SkitsDrama Skits ‘n Tips is a 7K word little gold mine. It’s full of drama activities for your class or rehearsal room. There are warm-up activities for the body and voice and many fun and challenging drama games to develop memory, language, expression and a passion for drama. And there are three, free short plays – a radio play, a puppet play and a mini play.

As with Play It Again, Ham you need few props for Drama Skits ” Tips. The activities are terrific for the classroom, for school camps or as warm-up activities before your rehearsals. Add some fun to your show rehearsals. Drama Skits ‘n Tips and Play It Again, Ham are a perfect double act!

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Perform Poetry

Perform PoetryPoetry can be fun. Poetry can be performed. Perform Poetry has 16 poems which involve comedy and drama. The poems are spoken and, at the same time, acted. Loads of comedy too. There are helpful notes on getting started and on using each poem. Some themes are singing frogs, Halloween, dentists, accents, siblings, queues, limericks, tongue twisters and rock bands. There are suggested different ways to perform each poem. The poems introduce a terrific range of words and give your performers a simple way to participate in mime. You can add music. The poems make great concert items – short ‘n sweet and are ideal for classroom activities and fun items at camps or award-presentation nights. It’s a drama activity meets a literature lesson and the result is fun and more fun. Here are short samples of some of the poems.

Singing Frogs
I once found a frog living close by a creek
His swimming was graceful, his body was sleek
He fancied himself, this frog wasn’t meek
And boy could he sing.
(Frog sings)

Tongue Twisters
Chappy was a happy hippy
A happy chippy chap.
He’d hippy-hoppy to the shoppee
Flippy-floppy flap.

There was a weight-lifter called Nero
With muscles like that, he’s a hero.
Big biceps, this star
Tried to bench press a car
No wonder his I.Q, is zero.

Available as a printed book and as an eBook from Fox Plays. Available as an eBook from Amazon.