All books by Cenarth Fox

Performing arts

How to Write and Sell your Plays

How to Stage Successful Shows

Play it Again, Ham (music games)

Drama Skits and Tips (drama games)

Performance Poetry (poems to perform)



The Schoolboy Sherlock Holmes (5 books in the series)

How to Be a Detective Like Sherlock Holmes

Code Cracker (a book of codes for kids to crack)



A Plum Job, A Plum Jam, A Plum Jewel, A Plum Jaunt (WW2 theatrical thrillers)

Cassocked Savage (The life of Patrick Bronte)

Tricky Conscience (Medical Thriller)

Noodles for Shakespeare (Pygmalion Down Under)

The Detective Joanna Best Mysteries (Crime fiction) Books 1 – 8

The Stationmaster George Miracle Series Books 1 – 4

Sherlock Holmes-Playing the Games

Almost Agatha Christie

A Sweeping Saga



Teach a Toddler to Read

How to Make Money Writing Online