Mini musicals

25 Mini Musicals

A mini-musical is just that – a play with music which lasts between 5 and 15 minutes. Most mini-musicals have dialogue and one song, some have two. One mini-musicals is a two-minute opera.

  • Each show is quick and easy to rehearse and great fun!
  • There is little or no expense with set, costumes, and props
  • You get a backing CD, plus music manuscript with guitar chords, for all mini-musicals
  • There are many ideas to get started, plus heaps of follow-up activities
  • The mini-musicals are royalty free to purchasers
  • You can use almost any size group of performers including up to large casts
  • There are topics and themes to entertain and educate
  • The mini-musicals work well with all ages
  • They are terrific concert items
  • You can even string a few together and make up an evening’s entertainment
  • Thousands of copies of these mini-musicals have been sold around the world

Some of the 25 Mini-Musicals are as follows.

  • A melodrama where the audience cheer the goodies and boo the baddies. A mini-musical with two songs where everyone is an insect.
  • A mini-musical with two songs where everyone is an insect.
  • A multi-media show where you show photos and others sing and play the songs about the action on the screen.
  • A fabulous body-percussion piece where you clap and stamp the performance
  • A Christmas musical
  • A show here all the characters are writing implements
  • A strange show where a TV hypnotises the viewers
  • A mini-musical where the girls get to play football and do it really well
  • Then there are shows with mad Martians, famous nursery-rhyme characters, and a show set on a runaway train, and many more.

The 25 Mini-Musicals are available as a printed book and a CD, or as an eBook and a CD, both from Fox Plays. Go to Contact then Order Form.

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