Christmas musicals

Christmas of the Animals

It’s the story of Christmas as told by the animals, a 45 minute cantata/musical for choir, narrator and animals. You can use a keyboard, an orchestra or the CD. Great for end of year performances.

Who are the animals?

  • donkey
  • camels
  • sheep
  • cattle
  • innkeeper’s dog and
  • mice

The donkey travelled to Bethlehem carrying Mary, the camels brought the wise men, the sheep were in the fields, the cattle in the stable, the innkeeper had a dog and the mice hid under the straw near the manger. This musical piece is ideal for schools and churches. The songs are catchy with simple part-singing. Each song is linked by a short speech from your narrator. He or she introduces each animal who could then appear. Loads of fun with wonderful costumes. Just think of those gorgeous tap-dancing mice!

The story of Christmas is told in a fun, funny yet respectful way. You see when Mary and Joseph had to move to the stable, the innkeeper’s dog just bounded along. He was a super friendly pooch who just loved being with people. And he has a story to tell. “I’m the Rin Tin Tin at a well-known inn in the town of Bethlehem.” And those tiny terrified mice hiding under the straw near the infant Jesus. What a story they had to tell their grandkids. Here are some of the words of the finale with all the animals, your choir and narrator joining in.

Make Christmas A Part of You

You might be part of Christmas but is Christmas a part of you?
It’s fun to run with Santa, with friends and family too
But the magic part of Christmas can make your heart brand new
So please be part of Christmas, make Christmas a part of you.

There are band parts if you have a live orchestra, the piano/vocal score is ideal for conductor and/or accompanist and the backing CD means you have another option for your instrumental accompaniment. Christmas of the Animals is very popular with young voices although the show is ideal for a mix of adults and children. You could even have a well-known person in your community as the Narrator – a sporting, political or showbiz star. As with all FOX plays and musicals, you receive lots of free support material – free lyric sheets, and notes for the director and musical director. Christmas of the Animals has been staged with much joy and success in the USA, Australia and Britain.

I am amazed how such small people are tackling the many words in the songs (especially Fido’s Fable) and are enjoying the variety. Seymour College Junior School
IF CHRISTMAS spirit was a school subject, a festive group of Kooweerup Secondary College students would get top marks. They are staging a yuletide performance that will help primary schools around the region get into the festive spirit. There’s the donkey who travelled to Bethlehem carrying Mary, the camels carrying the wise men, the cattle in the stable, the innkeeper’s super friendly dog and the timid mice who emerge from under the straw near the manger and sing and tap dance. STAR News Group

Christmas of the Animals Preview


Ten 30 minute Christmas Musicals

These short musicals have 4 songs each. They are aimed at young voices and are hugely successful at junior school level.

My entire Infants’ Department presented Santa Forgot A Reindeer as the finale to our Christmas concert this year. It was easy to rehearse with the children loving each song and putting actions to them. As a director of my own Kids’ Theatre and being a person heavily involved in all areas of theatre, both professional and amateur, I must congratulate you on the suitability and great entertainment value of the play. It is always extremely difficult to find a play which involves a large group of children and is easy to teach. Santa Forgot A Reindeer fulfills every need. PLEASE publish more like it. PLEASE let me know whenever other such musicals become available. A purchase is guaranteed. Ettalong PS

What are these ten Christmas musicals?

  • Santa Forgot a Reindeer
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Christmas Presents
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas on Mars
  • Computer Christmas
  • Letters for Santa
  • Christmas Angels
  • Mother Christmas
  • Time-machine Christmas


The ten short musicals come in a package which includes the following

    • a script for the director
    • a large-print script for the principals
    • music manuscript and lyrics with guitar chords
    • a backing CD
    • loads of ideas for the teacher/director
    • for schools/churches which purchase the ten shows, there are no royalties

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